Thermal Coffee Mug for $19.99

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Product Information

Beautifully designed double layered porcelain cup!

This is an “I am not a paper cup” reusable and Eco-friendly mug with silicone lid. It is a thermal porcelain cup which will keep your hot drink warm and your cold drink safe, and reduce your need for paper cups

The silicon lid helps keep your beverage hot or cod for longer whilst helping to prevent spills when moving around.

The two layers of porcelain which is separated by a hollow cavity act as a perfect insulator for hot or cold drinks.

The silicon stopper prevents water from entering the hollow cavity when washing the mug.

Dimensions: 3.5in. diameter; 6in. tall; microwave & dishwasher safe; silicone lid and stopper can withstand temperatures up to 230 degrees C/446 degrees F; holds 295 ml (10 oz)